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IT Consulting


IT Consulting

At vlnnovate Technologies, we realize that every customer who decides to use a new Software Solution wants to improve their business performance and achieve overall success. Our IT Consulting team thoroughly investigates your Organisation's requirements and operations. We then assist you in identifying your precise software requirements as well as business issue areas that may be effectively controlled by creative software solutions.

With our experience and technical competence, we can magnify your ideas and expose you to the most recent technology for optimum automation and digitalization implementation in your existing business activities. We understand the best-proven approaches and processes that can help your firm improve its performance and preserve a competitive advantage.

  • Technology Consulting

  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • IIoT
  • Data Science
  • Web & Mobile
  • Estimating the value your preferred technology may bring.
  • Planning the technology adoption road plan, from license selection through implementation specifications.
  • The goal is to maximize the value of technological investments.

IT strategy consulting

  • Evaluating the existing condition of your IT environment: application and IT infrastructure complexity, application interconnections, databases and data warehouses, development infrastructure.
  • Creating an IT vision that supports business needs: IT resources and their management; infrastructure that is cost-effective, reliable, and expandable.
  • Planning strategic actions to attain the desired state: upgrades, modernization, migration, and re-architecting.
  • Increasing the use of data resources for informed decision-making.
  • Increasing the efficiency of cloud resources and transitioning to demand-driven cloud utilization.
  • Estimating investment and timelines for each project.
  • Prioritizing the initiatives.
  • To align your IT assets with evolving business objectives.

IT Solution Consulting

  • Industrial processes include end-to-end supply chain solutions and IoT-enabled solutions.
  • Internal business processes:solutions for operations management, and more.
  • Data analytics includes solutions for data integration, administration, and storage, as well as AI, data science, cloud, and ML.
  • Analyzing your business needs and defining the functionality of the solution.
  • Choosing between a platform-based solution and a customized solution (taking into account the budget, number of users, the existing software ecosystem, and more factors).
  • If a platform-based solution is preferable, we assess available platforms, make an informed decision on the best one, and provide a functional specification that includes setup, customization, and integration details.
  • If a bespoke solution is selected, we design a durable architecture, prototype the solution, and define the project skills and roles.
  • To develop solutions with the greatest value and lowest total cost of ownership.