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About Us

About vInnovate Technologies

vInnovate Technologies is an IT StartUp incorporated in 2019 with the primary objective of driving people and society towards Digital India. Our Vision is to build Digital Ecosystem bringing Business and Technology together by developing cutting edge Products and Solutions. We find solace in the arms of Sahyadri Hills embraced by green valleys of Lonavala. From last 20 years, we have been associated with the educational field empowering youth men and women of India with IT skills making them ready for Millenial Job opportunities. We are at the forefront of supporting government's vision of "Digital India".

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Our Motto

We are driven by "Be Disruptor Then Disrupted" and "Simplified Ideas for Life

Our Mission

vInnovate aspires to be highly innovative software house, established to provide leading edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations and government Help develop Digital Ecosystem by bringing Businesses and Technology together via cutting-edge Products, Solutions and Services Enhance business process efficiencies and transparency, reduce complexity and cost bring services to the doorstep of everyone and anywhere

Our Values

Simplify- We like to keep things simple We are our own devil's advocates, making sure our solutions are simplified streamlined, straightforward, clear and refined. Complexities will not be tolerated.
Collaboration- Team that works together can achieve higher level of performance and result due to combined energies and talents of the team members.
Make mistakes, Learn and Move Ahead- Mistakes are inevitable so why gel so hung up on them? What's important is that we learn from these mistakes.
Integrity- We believe in working morally and ethically.
Respect - We believe in treating everyone equally and with respect.
Right Culture- It's not enough to encourage team cohesion.Our culture is also based on integrity, honesty and optimism.

Timeline Of Our Journey



Our Journey started in year 1997 when one of our founders started education institute "Infotech" with only 2 PCs with advance programming courses and basics IT skills for laymen.



We grew from 2 to 20 PCs and 100 odd students. We moved to new location under banner of MSCIT incorporating Maharashtra Skill Development program



20,000+ students are part of our journey. We became part of Pradhan Mantri Skill Development program.



Taking next step into entrepreneurship, we are expanding into developing cutting-edge Digital Products and Solutions and provide services to redefine the business model .



50+ Successful Projects and 40+ Happy Clients.