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Our Products

vSelfLearn (LMS)

vSelfLearn is a one stop platform for all the students, teachers and parents. It provides a medium to conduct online classes by schools, coaching centers and various other educational institutions. It helps the students to keep learning even in the phase of the pandemic at the comfort of their home, while simultaneously allowing parents and teachers to track student’s performance.


vSmart(IIOT) Dashboard

Digital Transformation is playing an important role in helping organizations to stay ahead of their competition. For Manufacturing industries Smart Manufacturing, Connected Machines are some of the important focus areas under Industry 4.0 initiatives.vInnovate with its solution partners plays an important role in helping companies overcome this shopfloor connectivity challenges and helps bring shopfloor data to corporate boardrooms.


vDigiDocr (OCR)

DigiDocs is an automated text interaction system including intelligent algorithms for identifying and extracting text content in a variety of image formats. With the advent of the digital age and the advent of multimedia content, it has become necessary to read and interpret the text associated with that content. Automatic text However, text sizes, styles, alignment, etc. vary, and low background resolution in complex images complicates OCR problems, so extracting text data from images in imaging has become a challenge.

vDataSecAudit (GDPR)

Data is becoming more and more valuable. Unauthorized, careless or ignorant processing of personal data can cause great harm to persons and can cause companies significant damage to their reputation and also bring along penalties. Firstly, the purpose of personal data protection isn’t to just protect a person's data, but to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons that are related to that data.While protecting personal data it is possible to ensure that persons’ rights and freedoms aren’t being violated.


vCollarate (NAAC)

Quality in Education matters more today than before. It is important to conduct assessment and accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) such as colleges, universities or other recognised institutions by evaluating the institutions for its conformance to the standards of quality in terms of its performance related to the educational processes and outcomes, curriculum coverage, teaching-learning processes, faculty, research, infrastructure, learning resources, organisation, governance, financial well being and student services.