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vSelfLearn (LMS)

vSelfLearn (LMS)

vSelfLearn-A one-stop LMS platform for everyone. It provides a medium for conducting online courses by educators, conducting online classes by schools, coaching / training centers, and all other education institutions. This allows students to continue studying comfortably at home, even during the pandemic, while at the same time tracking performance.

vSelfLearn is a learning portal that is a gateway to all resource-rich subjects and is a means of facilitating education and learning. Technically speaking, this is a website that acts as a repository of materials. This is the place to store all your notes, treatises, results and syllabuses and analyze your growth.

Large or diverse educational systems require a learning portal that provides sufficient flexibility to customize the learning journey and the look and feel of the learning environment. Different departments have different needs and desires, so it's time for the vSelfLearn portal to find a solution that offers flexibility.

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Why choose vSelfLearn, what are the LMS features that can help improve your organization?

You don't have to train in a very powerful and sophisticated system. Our friendly and professional support team is always waiting for everything to go smoothly.

  • Summarised Notes, Videos, Audios,PPTS.
  • MCQ/Descriptive Type Exam/Result Upload Functionality.
  • Integration with Zoom, Live Chat, White Board.
  • Open Room discussion between Principal,Teachers,Students and Parents.
  • Online Classroom/Course Section/Events/Notification/Poll.
  • System Login : SuperAdmin/Admin/Teacher/Parent/Student.
  • Notices/Group discussion/Notification/Feedback/Alerts.
  • Students Analyses/Performance/ Badges upgrades automatically.


How it benefits you by choosing vSelfLearn (LMS)

  • A move towards personalised “On The Go” learning rather than “sit & learn” approach.
  • Give teacher a chance to practice in the same environment as the student.
  • Easy access through mobile devices persuades use and learning.
  • Keeps Learner, Teacher Engaged Profitably.
  • Beneficial in teachers’ training as it saves resources & is effective.
  • Flexible.

Who can use our service?

  • Schools, public / private educational institutions.
  • Coaching institutions.
  • Online Course-based educators / trainers.
  • Enrichment Course Centers.
  • Corporate trainers.
  • Other forms of e-learning can be done by anyone, anywhere.
  • Competitive testing and training institutions


User Roles And Interfaces


  • Ease Accessibility to Videos/Summary Notes/PPT/Q & A (Offline too)
  • Live chat Functionality with teachers to clear doubts.
  • Plan urself as per schedule received by teachers.
  • Join Online Lectures
  • Feedback to teachers
  • Attend Poll
  • Performance Analyses as per exam
  • Result Upload functionality


  • Ease Interaction with Principal/Teachers
  • Daily Attendance report
  • Exam Report
  • Access to Notices/Notifications/Messages from School.
  • Performance Analyses as per exam.


  • Upload Videos/Summary Notes/PPT/Q & A
  • Mark Attendance and Generate daily/monthly reports
  • Send Events/Notices/Notification to Students/Parents
  • Create Zoom Meeting
  • Student wise Result analyses
  • Feedback from students
  • Create Poll/ Schedule Online Meeting
  • Conduct Descriptive type or MCQ exam
  • Result Upload functionality

Super-Admin/ Admin

  • Create Schools/Boards.
  • Register Admin/Teachers/Parents/Students.
  • Send Events/Notices/Notification to all actors.
  • Create Zoom Meeting.
  • Control on each and every System actor.
  • School Wise/ Student wise result analyses.
  • Attendance Report.
  • Feedback from students for Teachers and vice-versa.
  • Create Poll/ Schedule Online Meeting.
  • Interaction with all actors.

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