The vSmart (IOT) DashBoard Unique, Industrial Automation Solution of vInnovate Technologies

vSmart(IIOT) Dashboard

What is vSmart(IIOT) Dashboard

Digital Transformation is playing an important role in helping organizations to stay ahead of their competition. For Manufacturing industries Smart Manufacturing, Connected Machines are some of the important focus areas under Industry 4.0 initiatives. But most companies find it challenging as the Machine manufacturing industry still lacks a connectivity standard accepted by all. vInnovate with its solution partners plays an important role in helping companies overcome this shop floor connectivity challenges and helps bring shop floor data to corporate boardrooms.

vInnovate is a product company and has unique solution (Smart Manufacturing Dashboard) which helps organizations collect data from shopfloor and present it to different user groups (Operations Team, Management Teams) as per their needs. This data can also be integrated to ERP system to minimise data entry efforts on shopfloor.

Smart Manufacturing Dashboard Innovate solution works across platforms which helps users to use it from their workstation, Mobile devices, Shopfloor Displays etc. This solution is cloud ready and supports Azure as well as AWS cloud.

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What we offer in vSmart(IIOT) Dashboard

  • Connectivity to PLCs of different vendors and types (platform compatibility).
  • Realtime data from PLC representation on Dashboard .
  • Dashboard to showcase charts and trends for
  • Shopfloor for monitoring production count planned vs actual.
  • Cumulative dashboard for current and historical view of the productivity per machine.
  • Cycle time to reflect the rate at which jobs are produced (performance per machine).
  • Dashboard availability on TV, Desktop and Mobile devices .
  • Machine data integration to companies inhouse systems like ERP, etc.
  • Access control using authentication and authorization (access to data based on need to know basis).
  • Configuration Manager for setting up PLC connectivity, dashboard, access and operations control.
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What Benefits you get by choosing our vSmart(IIOT) Dashboard

  • Dashboard Availability - Anyone and Anywhere
  • Configurable, Robust and Scalable solution
  • Visibility of production productivity, performance and availability of the machines in real time
  • Help Supervisor/Mgmt to deep dive into the specific problem and find quick solution
  • Help generate periodic reports for decision making
  • Step towards industrial automation to help improve processes, efficiency and Consultancy
  • Historical machine data analytics.