Online learning has to be the greatest revolution in contemporary education. It made a huge change in the system and opened great opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something. There is a shift away from top-down lecturing and passive students to a more interactive, collaborative approach in which Students and Instructor co-create the learning process. The Instructor’s role is changing from the “sage on the stage” to the guide on the side.Online learning is the future of education and vInnovate’s vSelfLearn - Engineering Platform helps you (Education Institutions, Teachers and Students) cross all barriers

Engineering is no doubt a challenging and rewarding course, but in order to achieve success, it's very important for an engineering student to understand the subject and to score well. There are a lot of resources available to engineering students, that can help with everything right from your current assignments to your future career. We cater to all the important and required needs of students. It is a technical support forum for engineering professionals. It features white papers, job listings, and forums on a variety of engineering subjects and other important matters which would be very useful for students. it is a website on which you can subscribe to teaching materials for nearly all the courses offered by various universities including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics & Telecommunication and information technology.

Why eLearn
  • Accessibility of content.

  • Personalization of Assessment.

  • Standardized quality of teaching.

  • Doubt Solving through interaction.

  • Interactive learning content.

  • Affordability of Learners.

  • Customizability of content.

  • Scalability of Learning.

  • Analytics on Consumption.

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  • Access to the Notes of each Unit for all Subjects of the Stream prepared by the specialist and experienced Teachers/Professors.

  • Access to the Questions and Answers prepared by specialist Teachers. Allow answers to be uploaded for the Teacher’s review and corrections .

  • InSem and EndSem Exam papers along with answers.

  • Previous years Question papers.

  • Allows students to study in a collaborative and interactive way at their own pace. Students can ask questions on any topic or test papers to the Specialist Teacher via periodic Live Chats.

  • Access to Video recordings, Live streaming and Webinars.

Benefits of vSelfLearning for Educational Institutions
  • Educational Institutions can offer a portfolio of courses across specializations, without being restricted by space, finance and human resources.

  • Ease of operations and minimum cost of updating if courseware requires changes.

  • Assessment on an individual level to get insights into content consumption and behavior of learners via analytics.

  • Can deliver 2 types of learning modules, one via the eLearning portal/website/mobile app and later deliver doubt clearing sessions via the same channel.

  • Can offer educational programs to a large number of students not restricted by space constraints, the eLearning system being scalable and enabled by technology.

  • Standardized quality of learning, due to minimum human involvement and cost-efficient customizability.

  • Can add interactivity to learning modules with gamification, multimedia, AR (Augmented Reality) and making it a point of differentiation for educational programs, and price a premium for courseware because of the added value they offer.

  • When there is national calamity like Covid-19 and students are not able to physically come to education institutions, remote learning/access to resources (Contents & Teachers) can provide uninterrupted education to the students.

Benefits of vSelfLearning for Students
  • Savings in traveling and other related costs as all learning modules and pre-recorded lessons are delivered via digital channels.

  • Unlimited access to all learning content anytime, anywhere on the device of choice.

  • Option to select a course of choice of any specialization from the set of teachers offering the course

  • Comparatively economical option

  • Learn and retain better from contextually relevant, updated and interactive educational programs ensuring every concept is absorbed by the learner.

  • Feedback mechanism to communicate with the institute and creator of the program to convey any changes or suggestions if required.

  • Resources (Contents & Teachers) are available remotely so education can continue even when there is national calamity like Covid-19 during which the Educational Institutions are closed.