vSelfLearn is a one stop platform for all the students, teachers and parents. It provides a medium to conduct online classes by schools, coaching centers and various other educational institutions. It helps the students to keep learning even in the phase of the pandemic at the comfort of their home, while simultaneously allowing parents and teachers to track student’s performance.

In 21 st century education has taken a new turn with technology being at the forefront. Technology is seeping into our education system and remote learning; online classes are becoming new norms now. Online learning has its own benefits to offer such as flexible schedule, improving technical skills, geographic flexibility and cost effective. Online learning offers interactivity, accessibility and convenience that is making learning more engaging and stimulating.

We firmly believe learning should never stop and hence in the response to the current situation and isolation measures vInnovate Technology provides a powerful and easy to use web app vSelfLearn School to seamlessly organize the daily activities of students. This platform allows the teacher to take online classes, assign assignment, take attendance, track students’ progress, send feedback etc. from anywhere at any time.

vSelfLearn aims to accelerate the curiosity among the students to learn new things and expand their skillset. We make it possible to provide excellent virtual experience of learning by augmenting images, videos etc.

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Why vSelfLearn


We help students to study in a collaborative and interactive way at their own pace. Students can ask questions on any topic or test paper to the Specialist teachers via Periodic Live Chat


We provide Parents access to the portal to view their child’s performance, important notifications from teachers. Parents can also monitor their child’s exam papers and approach teachers for counselling needs.


We keep track of the student performance throughout his/her school journey and present graphical statistics and rating using data analytics and customized performance algorithm.


vSelfLearn also allows Local Student Teacher to interact with the Student and their Parents.


We provide unique mockup modules to help student to master the art of time management during examinations. Students can also access to test series (Monthly, Quarterly, Semester Assessment, Prelim) specially designed by our Top Educators.

For additional information you can visit: vinnovatetechnologies.com/vSelflearn-Demo
For demo, email to: [email protected]

Benefits to Schools/Teachers

  • Teachers can easily adopt ONLINE teaching using vSelfLearn from the safety of their home. It is easy to use and cost effective.

  • It boosts up confidence among teachers to adopt Digital Teaching platform.

  • vSelfLearn provide all time support for ON- BOARDING 600+ Students and Teachers.

  • Teachers can have live interactions with students and their Parents through LIVE CHAT facility.

  • Teachers can keep a track of students Attendance.

  • It provides a reliable and effective way of conducting Tests Series/Mocks to analyze students understanding power.

Benefits to Students and Parents

  • Students can learn in a collaborative and interactive manner. They can clear all their doubts regarding any topics through an innovative facility of LIVE CHAT.

  • vSelfLearn strives to provide FOCUS and PLANNED approach helping students to maintain IMPROVED CONCENTRATION.

  • Parents can monitor their child’s progress through access to portal. They can review their child’s exam papers, track their monthly attendance and also approach teachers for their child’s counselling.

  • It provides Notifications to parents and students with Attachment facility.

  • Parents are also satisfied with the VIRTUAL ONLINE CLASSES and feel happy to see their Children equipping digital literacy which is essential in the contemporary world. They also find it fair and just on fees being paid to school.