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vSelfLearn: A Learning Management System( LMS ) For Modern WorkForce.

A learning management system (LMS) is a software solution used by businesses and educational institutions to organize and offer learning opportunities. The greatest learning management systems, like the numerous pieces of software we all use every day, such as Google Docs for content creation or QuickBooks for accounting, can assist drive an organisation's training programs by simplifying these two important functions:

●   A server that enables Learning & development professionals to accomplish the following fundamental functions: the design, administration, and delivery of courses and other eLearning material, as well as a data repository for vital information about a learner's journey and performance.

●   A user interface used by administrators, educators, and students. This interface functions within a browser or app and is, presumably, easily accessible.

VSelfLearn: A Learning Management System For Modern WorkForce

vSelfLearn is a learning portal with access to all subjects. It has resources and tools to facilitate education and learning. Technically, Speaking of which, this is a website that serves as an education and learning repository equipment. This is where you can store all of your notes, documents, results, and programs. Analyse your height. Large or diverse education systems require learning portals that provide a sufficient number of education portals. Flexibility to customise the learning process and appearance of the Learning environment. Different departments have different needs and wants. Therefore, vSelfLearn finds a flexible solution. Study trips do not have to be individual. It is important that VSelfLearn promotes voluntary offline learning and provides an opportunity.

Allow students to interact with other leaders and teachers.

Why VSelfLearn?

• Centralised learning Module

 VSelfLearn is useful for more than just eLearning. It can also store videos, PowerPoint presentations, textual training, and a variety of other learning materials in a convenient, centralised area. Users can keep organised and consistent using centralised learning resources.

• Connection to other systems

VSelfLearn interacts smoothly with other systems such as Zoom, White Board, Live Chat, personnel management systems, and many more.

 • Analytics and reporting that are adaptable

VSelfLearn has configurable reporting and analytics that correspond with your eLearning objectives, allowing you to correctly assess the efficacy of your learning programs. It also offers customizable reports and visual representations of student data.

 • Assessment Instruments:

While VSelfLearn reports and analytics can assist learning professionals in tracking student engagement, it is equally critical to assess retention and comprehension. In order to accomplish this, our system supports a wide range of assessment tools, such as test engines, MCQ tests, simulations, etc. 

• Automated alerts and notifications

 VSelfLearn automatically reminds learners about training deadlines or notifies trainers about a user's completion rates. Our LMS may send feedback to the appropriate persons at the appropriate time. 

Benefits of VSelfLearn:

  • Easily manage your classroom
  • Manage everything from complex class spreadsheets, test attendance, and text generation
  • Increase organisational effectiveness
  • Automated data, attendance, reviews, payments, and more. Save time with organised units.
  • Improving student progress tracking
  • Conduct and conduct online student attendance tests, assignments, registration, and choreography online.
  • Learn at your own pace
  • We help students study at their own pace in a collaborative and interactive way. Through regular live chat, students can pose questions to any specialist teacher on any topic or test paper.
  • Parents arrive
  • We provide portal access to view important notifications from parents', children's, and educators' performance. Parents can monitor their child's test papers and contact teachers for counselling needs.
  • One to one Connection facility
  • vSelfLearn also enables local student teachers to interact with students and their parents.
  • Custom forms / test paper

We provide unique modules to help students master the art of time management during exams. Students have access to a series of specially designed exams (monthly, quarterly, quarterly, and introductory assessments.

Features of vSelfLearn

●      Summarised Notes, Videos, Audios,PPT's

●      MCQ/Descriptive Type Exam/Result Upload Functionality

●      Integration with Zoom, Live Chat, White Board

●      Open Room discussion between Principal,Teachers,Students and Parents

●      Online Classroom/Course Section/Events/Notification/Poll

●      System Login : SuperAdmin/Admin/Teacher/Parent/Student

●      Notices/Group discussion/Notification/Feedback/Alerts

●      Students Analyses/Performance/ Badges upgrades automatically

System User’s of vSelfLearn


●      Easy to understand video and written notes

●      Check your growth

●      Live chat with teachers for resolving concerns

●      Time management series to prepare students for exams

●      Personalize your study material and access it anytime, anywhere

●      Grow with your group mate.



●      Teach students from your remote locations

●      Easy to use MCQ portal for evaluation purposes

●      Easy analysis of student performance and growth

●      Can easily provide feedback to students or their parents

●      Archive teaching material and grant students access


●      Monitor your child's progress and growth

●      Easy interaction with teachers about children

●      Can also conduct tests of their own child

●      Can find their child's key area of ​​interest


●      Can upload content for student orientation

●      Can help students by providing references

●      Have specialization in its subject


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