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versaChat Your versatile‘ Digital Assistant’

A Chatbot with a difference - in fact several unique differences. Firstly, it is not just a product. It is a configurable solution to each client’s individual needs. Secondly it has the ability to do more than just chat - which it does effortlessly either using text or speech in a voice of your choice.

versaChat Your versatile‘ Digital Assistant’ vInnovate Technologies


    Not your average Chatbot.

  • It can operate in many languages
  • It can solve problems
  • It can carry out tasks
  • It can ‘think’ for itself
  • It can ‘learn’ from its interactions with your staff and clients who may use unfamiliar ways of asking for help.
  • And as if that wasn’t enough it can ‘look both ways’; ‘outwards’ into the plethora of online information’ and ‘inwards’ through connections with your own internal data systems.

Features & Benefits

versaChat is a ‘Digital Assistant’ for organisation of any size and in any market sector.

Features & Benefits vInnovate Technologies

Customisable with expert help and advice to ensure a perfect fit with your organisation

We will discuss with you what you have in mind, perhaps make some suggestions of our own, and prepare a demo system to show you what can be achieved.

Features & Benefits vInnovate Technologies

Capable of ‘looking both ways’

Whether you want an ‘outward-looking’ Digital Assistant, accessing world sources of information or an ‘inward-looking’ one, connected to your internal systems, or both!

Features & Benefits vInnovate Technologies

Able to listen and speak

versaChat comes as standard with a keyboard to screen ‘chat’ system. But if you want it to talk – no problem!

Features & Benefits vInnovate Technologies

Can provide services to a wide range of your organisation’s staff and clients

versaChat can be configured to provide ‘open access’ to all information for all users, or selective access to groups and individuals.

Features & Benefits vInnovate Technologies

Multi-lingual capability

Currently, versaChat can operate in one of 52 different languages, and more are being added almost every day.

Features & Benefits vInnovate Technologies

Cost-effective when compared to human alternatives

versaChat is inexpensive to implement and almost zero-cost to operate. Can work 24/7 without supervision, freeing your staff for more productive tasks.

Just Some of the Sectors Which Can Benefit from versaChat Digital Assistant

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Finance / Accounts Payable
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Chatbot Integrations

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versaChat in Banking & Finance

versaChat can give banking customers a self-serve tool to resolve common issues such as resetting an online banking password, getting a copy of a voided check, transferring funds via mobile app, obtaining an electronic signature for supporting documents, and so on. By analyzing the reasons for calls, banks can easily develop, train, and deploy an FAQ bot to handle such low-value, high-volume interactions. This will optimize costs while also offering a rich, engaging, ‘always-on’ customer experience across channels.

In addition to day-to-day support and admin tasks as in banking, AI is particularly helpful in corporate finance as it can better predict and assess loan risks. For companies looking to increase their value, AI technologies such as machine learning can help improve loan underwriting and reduce financial risk.

versaChat in Banking & Finance vInnovate Technologies
versaChat in Travel & Hospitality vInnovate Technologies

versaChat in Travel & Hospitality

Within the travel industry, companies from almost all areas stand to benefit from AI chatbot technology. In particular, those in sectors like the hotel industry, airline industry and restaurant industry can capitalise on improvements to booking processes and faster customer service response times. Of course, the list extends far beyond this. Vehicle hire companies can use chatbots to answer common questions or facilitate easy car, van or motorcycle rentals. Similarly, those in the entertainment sector may use chatbots for marketing purposes, as they offer the ability to provide tailored recommendations, based on the way the chat develops.

versaChat in Logistics and Transport

Communication is at the heart of a successful logistics operation. Clients want to know when to expect the supply or delivery, while transportation companies need to manage fleets and departments in real-time to ensure smooth, well-coordinated teamwork. Doing this the old phone-and-human way just isn’t feasible anymore.

But using versaChat in logistics is. It can help businesses with internal and external communication and crucially can function as a virtual assistant. As in any other industry, chatbots in transportation deal with all sorts of data. This data is structured and organized to give the bots - and users - up-to-date information on a particular query. And since it serves various users, from employees to clients, data accessibility will differ for each party.

versaChat in Logistics and Transport vInnovate Technologies
versaChat in Education & Training vInnovate Technologies

versaChat in Education & Training

“Hi everybody, my name is Lavern, and I’m the first Digital Assistant created specifically for the Education and Training industry. You see, I’ve been given some pretty special abilities by my creators which sets me apart from chatbots you might have come across before. First of all, I’m not working alone in this role. I have access to a huge number of resources which help me to understand EXACTLY what it is that you are asking, even if the words you use are different from the ones someone else might use to ask the same thing. So, I use dictionaries, databases of synonyms and antonyms, together with my memory of previously asked questions and helpful answers. Secondly, I am ‘hard wired’ into the data in your particular organisation‘s systems and the terminology they use. So, it doesn’t matter if you call your clients ‘students’ or ‘pupils’ or ‘trainees’; or if you call a group of students a ‘class’ or ‘course’; or if the work you set your students is called an ‘assignment’ or ‘task’ or ‘project’, I will know what it means for you! It’s like I am part of your organisation and share your values and culture.

versaChat in Insurance Services

An insurance chatbot is a virtual assistant solution that facilitates communication between an insurance company and its customers. One clear area of benefit is its role in policy management where, when integrated with your business software applications, can facilitate the entire policy management cycle. Your customers can use it to apply for a policy, update account details, change their policy type, order an insurance card, etc., all without human intervention.versaChat is just such a virtual assistant trained to simulate human-like conversations and process requests independently. It can be helpful in many scenarios, including 24/7 customer support, claims processing and settlement and multi-lingual services. It understands user intent and replies to queries that haven’t been pre-defined.All this results in cost reduction, improved productivity and more engaged customers. And we must not forget the role in marketing, where versaChat can support promotional campaigns and lead generation for initiatives such as discounts, promoting whitepapers, etc.

versaChat in Insurance Services vInnovate Technologies
versaChat in Telecoms vInnovate Technologies

versaChat in Telecoms

Why we need chatbots in the telecoms industry?Customer inquiries can be repetitive in nature. The inquiries that agents address generally follow a specific workflow. These workflows indicate that most of the calls that these agents receive are related to routine tasks. versaChat is highly trained to manage such routine work so that employees can focus on tasks that really do require human supervision.The volume of incoming customer inquiries is HUGE. Unfortunately, most companies have no choice but to put their customers on long waiting lines for their turn to speak to an agent. By versaChat to deal with this volume, companies can save the huge cost of appointing customer support agents and training them to solve customer queries.

From a customer’s point of view, they believe that they are making an investment in a company through payments. Therefore, they do not understand why they have to wait while the call gets transferred between departments. Call it an unreal expectation, but they want the first agent they speak with to resolve the issue that they are facing.

versaChat in Medical & Healthcare

The potential benefits of versaChat-AI in the medical and healthcare sectors include:

Instant access to care - Leveraging chatbot technology in healthcare helps providers to deliver immediate responses and notifications and reminders round the clock. Patients have the benefits of immediate access to care that reduces wait time.

First-stage diagnosis of medical conditions - Available 24/7, versaChat-AL can offer patients accurate, personalised diagnosis and recommendation, including the issuing of prescriptions and recommended follow-up.

Increased patient satisfaction - AI-enabled chatbots can understand patient behavior and deliver a personalised response that boosts the satisfaction level of the patients.

Monitoring of user behaviour - Designing a healthcare chatbot helps in tracking users’ behavior, anxiety, and weight changes, to encourage the development of better habits.

Saving money – Deploying versaChat medical to handle tasks efficiently without the need for extra resources. Healthcare bots are predicted to save $3.6 billion worldwide by the end of 2023.

versaChat in Medical & Healthcare vInnovate Technologies
versaChat in  a Help Desk vInnovate Technologies

versaChat- in a Help Desk

A customer service chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language understanding (NLU) to mimic human speech. Businesses have been steadily adopting chatbots and incorporating them into their service models to answer customer questions and automate routine tasksAI chatbots in customer service can significantly help grow your business. Data shows that companies that use AI-driven chatbots in their customer care increase customer satisfaction and also drive sales. In the following, we explain why that is, how it can affect your business, and show examples of successful companies and organizations.

versaChat in eCommerce

Ecommerce chatbots have exploded in popularity in recent years. This is thanks to increasing online purchases and the growth of omnichannel retail. Gartner predicts chatbots will be the main customer service tool for 25% of companies by 2027.

versaChat is much more than a mere chatbot, and is the ultimate ‘Digital Assistant’ for online retailers and service providers. Operating 24/7, without a break, versaChat can offer the complete range of customer services, including: -

Answering FAQsEngaging with customers by: -Asking if they need helpGathering information about their needs and interestsMaking suggestions based on the information they elicitGuiding them to similar content or productsWalking them through the sales processRe-engaging past customers to encourage repeat businessAutomating the sales processOffering post-sales supportGathering feedback and data

versaChat in  eCommerce vInnovate Technologies
KYC – Know Your Customer vInnovate Technologies

KYC – Know Your Customer

versaChat is a powerful, flexible, configurable ‘Digital Assistant’ which can operate as both the ‘front end’ and the ‘process manager’ for your KYC system. This last ability can be key to the deployment of versaChat in a KYC situation. Not only can it be connected to your own internal systems to offer specific help, advice and process support, but it can, if required, look beyond your organisations walls to consult with specific sources of background information. It uses an Open-Source RASA framework with micro-service architecture. This makes it scalable and allows the bot’s services to be created gradually over time for the whole organisation. In managing your KYC requirements, versaChat can be ‘taught’ to follow your procedures and legal requirements, but can also be relied upon to handle unfamiliar situations, languages and client responses to ensure both client satisfaction and procedural compliance. In the event of an impasse with a particular client, it knows how to handle the situation with tact and diplomacy, and how to escalate the matter to a human colleague. And it delivers this service 24/7, without breaks or holidays or a salary! You can read more about these cutting-edge applications in the ‘Products’ section of our web site.

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