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case study

1.Accounts Payable

Horeca’s nature of business is the wholesale distribution of groceries and related products across the UAE. They process 2500-3000 received Purchase Orders per day from their buyers via email. They have around 3000 buyers, and each buyer sends the PO in their own format, which is mostly a digitally generated Purchase Order.

  • The OCR Engine is fully developed in Python, with the User Interface using MERN Stack.
  • The OCR Library used is ‘Tesseract’, with the option to call Google Vision for bad quality POs.
  • Remote Learning
  • Software delivered on AWS Cloud Infra used with pipeline for auto-deployment.

case study

2. KYC Processing

To provide a hassle free, faster digital service to enable a customer to open a bank account from his home as part of the last mile reach initiative. Traditionally, ‘high street’ banks have required potential new customers to visit a local branch to open a new account, bringing with them a collection of original documents with copies.

  • MERN Stack for OCR Engine & DMS API Implementation
  • AI & OCR technology for core OCR Engine implementation.
  • Tesseract & EasyOCR used as open source OCR library for English & Arabic text extraction.
  • Deployment on intranet server with powerful CPU and GPU.

vDigiDocr (OCR)

3. Medical Record OCR

The client services US Hospitals, performing Medical Records Review [MRR], processing their patients’ medical records, converting manually from unorganised documents into organised ones. The manual process by humans takes time and limits the number of requests that can be serviced per day. The results of this manual process are still a collection of diverse and unconnected documents, posing a difficult task for medical staff to obtain an overall picture of the patients’ medical history. Also, as the reports may have 100s of pages, human error may produce an inaccurate final report.

  • MERN Stack for UI & API Implementation.
  • AI & OCR technology for core OCR Engine implementation.
  • Deployment on intranet server with powerful CPU of 8 core with 32GB memory.

vDataSecAudit (GDPR)

4. Chatbot for Maintenance Services

The client owns and manages a number of rental properties, which from time to time require maintenance/repairs. This involved a great deal of management and coordination between the tenant, the office and several maintenance staff which led to delays, oversights and unhappy tenants, as well as taking up hours of office staff time.

  • BotPress Cloud version.
  • MERN
  • Whatsapp Integration

vDigiDocr (OCR)

5. IIoT For Manufacturing

To provide different IIoT parameters like Productivity, Quality, Availability from multiple Die Casting and Machine Shop Machines. This data is then enriched and used by Internal Sigma’s Usecases like Dashboard, Reporting, Consolidation at Central Site.

  • MERN Stack for API Implementation.
  • Deployment on intranet server.