Revolutionizing Medical Support with vAIdeMedical: Generative AI for Intelligent Medical Assistance


The clinician’s ‘Co-Pilot’.

Witness the power and sheer brilliance of Generative AI when applied in support of the life-critical work of doctors and clinicians.

See how it can create summaries of hundreds of pages of historical records, answer detailed questions to extract specific information from hand-written and printed records and images, and record audio or play existing recordings and create automatic transcriptions and summaries.



The name says it all. We ‘aide’ doctors and clinicians by providing them with powerful tools to organize and summarize patient records, and then answer questions about the information in support of their diagnoses and treatments.

Imagine the time saved by having a trained and experienced medical professional reading through a folder of maybe two hundred pages of medical history to extract the key facts and milestones in their medical condition, and present them as a chronological summary which can be read by the doctor in a matter of minutes to provide a background to their further diagnosis and treatment plan.

If something in the record is not clear and needs further investigation, it offers a Question & Answer facility to interrogate the record further and pinpoint specific information to follow-up the doctor’s theories and thoughts regarding further investigations and treatments.

And all of this applied to the information contained within the patient’s record, whether in written, typed, spoken or image and in whatever language!

Key Features of vAIdeMedical

vA patient’s record, stretching back over many years and containing hundreds of individual pieces of evidence, summarized in a matter of minutes!

Key Features of vAIdeMedical
Key Features of vAIdeMedical

Need clarification or want to follow up on a diagnostic theory? Just ask your question to see the evidence in their record.

If a patient scan image looks suspicious, and needs further expert investigation you can type or speak your questions and the system will generate a medically correct response based on the information in the patient’s record.

Key Features of vAIdeMedical
Key Features of vAIdeMedical

Want to make an audio recording of a consultation? Does the patient file already contain an audio entry? Let vAIdeMedical record and play it back to you and then transcribe and summarize it for you.

Summary of Benefits

Patient Benefits:
  • Improved care and faster diagnosis: - Generative AI can analyze vast amounts of historical data to identify patterns and trends that might be missed by humans. This can lead to more accurate preventive and predictive diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.
  • Enhanced communication and information access: – Generative AI can be used to create easy-to- understand reports and summaries of a patient's medical history, allowing for better communication between patients and clinicians.
  • Streamlined data collection: – AI can automate tasks such as data entry from medical devices or wearables, reducing the burden on patients and ensuring more complete data capture.
Clinical and Hospital Benefits:
  • Increased efficiency and productivity: - Generative AI can automate repetitive tasks such as data collection, cleaning, validation and analysis, freeing up staff time to focus on more critical activities like patient care and better clinical outcomes.
  • Better decision-making: – Generative AI can quickly analyze data to identify potential risks and complications, allowing healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions about patient care.
  • Scalable, to cope with increasing workloads: – Whilst still offering your patients better care and better services due to its advanced technologies.
Overall System Benefits:
  • SaaS (Cloud-hosted) as well as on- Premise offerings: - Ensures data confidentiality and security.
  • Enhanced communication and information access Customizable & easy to integrate with existing client platforms: – Offering overall efficiency in the management of patient data.
  • Integrated with the latest advanced generative AI technologies: – Including Google MedLM, Open AI, Google Gemini, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure AI platform.
  • Cost Effective & Ready for Market: : – We are an established technology company providing cutting edge products & solutions in healthcare around the world, under guidance of experts in the field.

In Conclusion

vAIdeMedical represents a seismic shift in the ability of technology to provide doctors and other clinicians with truly intelligent, well researched and focussed support. Driven by Generative AI and with access to the worlds’ most advanced and respected medical data sources, it offers medical practitioners the perfect companion in their search for truth and inspiration in their quest to provide the best possible care and treatment.

Furthermore, by automating the time-consuming task of analyzing often huge quantities of medical record data and presenting it as a professional summary, it saves medical professionals hours of valuable time which they can use to further enhance the patient experience.

And finally, vAIdeMedical joins our growing portfolio of products and solutions developed for the healthcare market. These can be deployed independently, or combined to configure a co-ordinated approach to data and patient management, and/or integrated into the systems already in place in the hospital.

  • vAIdeMedical: - A Suite of functions using the power of Generative Al to 'aide' doctors and clinicians, by assisting in the process of managing, analyzing, summarizing and offering interpretations of historical and current patient records, to support medical diagnosis and treatment.
  • vDigiDocr: – An Al enabled Document Processing System incorporating OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for the bulk digitization and processing of documents including medical records, financial documents, insurance claim documents, etc.
  • versaChat: – An Al-powered Chatbot (often referred to as a 'Digital Assistant') for patient contact management, appointment booking, follow-up management, etc.
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