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Our Products

vSelfLearn (LMS)

1. vSelflearn (LMS)

vlnnovate’s vSelfLearn is a flexible learning management system (LMS) that may be used to learn, train, change, or build habits and behavioural patterns that lead to easy and effective eLearning. Employees and students can benefit from vSelfLearn's simple and effective training solution.

  • Centralised learning Module
  • Self-paced training
  • Remote Learning
  • Analytics and reporting that are adaptable
vSmart(IIOT) Dashboard

2. vSmart Dashboard (IIOT)

The vSmart (IIOT) Dashboard from vlnnovate is a one-of-a-kind solution that assists enterprises in collecting data from the shopfloor and presenting it to various user groups (Operations Team, Management Teams) based on their needs. This data may also be incorporated into an ERP system, reducing data input efforts on the shop floor.

  • Monitoring using the Dashboard
  • Hierarchical Views
  • Customised Alerts
vDigiDocr (OCR)

3. vDigidocr (OCR)

vlnnovate’s vDigiDocr is an AI-powered OCR system that uses computer vision, text recognition, machine learning, and deep learning technologies to extract text automatically. It may convert a physical paper document or picture into a text-searchable electronic equivalent and be used to digitise the Business process workflow.

  • Office filing system
  • Automatic data extraction
  • Extracting text from Pictures
vDataSecAudit (GDPR)

4. vDataSecAudit (GDPR)

We have collaborated with a European Auditing Consulting firm (specialising in EU GDPR) to develop a self-service solution that will assist your organisation and its consultants in carrying out compliance audit, assessment, and implementation services for your clients in meeting their regulatory compliance requirements, such as EU GDPR.

  • Digitization assists in data protection, backup, and analytics.
  • Change the way you do business by transitioning from audit to eAudit.
  • Improves reporting quality and consistency.

5. E-Commerce

vInnovate, with its deep knowledge and the techno-functional team, guides their clients through their digital journey using cutting-edge products and technologies. We will accompany you on your path from a brick-and-mortar store to a digital internet store.

  • The cost of developing an e-commerce website is less than that of starting a physical firm.
  • You may operate your company from anywhere.
  • Higher margins and improved cash flow.
Hospitality System

6. Hospitality System

As business models are shifting as a result of digital transformation. The same is true for hotel automation, which increases efficiency, improves customer service and reduces human mistake. vlnnovate Technologies collaborated with Retreat Hospitality (a hotel management company that manages more than ten properties) to develop a digital solution to help them transition from a manual to a digital business model.

  • Asset Administration
  • Employee Attendance Software with Fingerprint Recognition
  • Design of an Employee Identity Card sign and a Print Group brochure/pamphlet
  • Digital Marketing