5 Characteristics of the Next-Generation Learning Management System ( LMS)


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5 Characteristics of the Next-Generation Learning Management System ( LMS)

1.  Intuitive and simple to use.

For technology to promote learning, it must have user-friendly features. Sophisticated features such as topical and contextual course presentation, advanced search, and easy reporting tools for course managers are required in learning dashboards.

2.  Genuinely Social.

The utility value of creating social aspects such as blogs, wikis, chats, forums, and so on should be capitalised on by including tools such as forum tagging, bookmarking, and chat/blog exporting. These features promote cooperation and allow learners to review their knowledge anytime they wish. In summary, learning flexibility should be promoted!

3.  Reporting That Is Useful.

Quality is more important than quantity. Because tech-based social learning is still in its early stages, actionable reports are essential for measuring progress. As a result, corrected feedback will be accessible to improve courses and learning experiences.

4.  Deployment Time is Reduced.

A social LMS should be simple to set up and connect with your existing material. Remember that vSelfLearn can be readily incorporated into the current infrastructure.

5.  Analytics for Social Media.

Social learning is inherently abstract and intangible. It is critical to measure it. Track learning metrics using social analytics tools included in vSelfLearn.


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