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IIoT connectivity: Improve Your Operational Productivity.

Dashboards or IIoT boards are an important component of the human-machine interface (HMI) for the Internet of Things and other management systems, making it easier to organize digital information from the physical world to a computer or a mobile device. Make it accessible. With IoT cards, users and operators can track and control specific assets and processes (remotely), and security requirements allow them to access and control their environment from anywhere in the world.

What is Industrial IoT application ?

How do you define the Internet of things for industrial things? Generally speaking, IIoT is an implementation of the instrument and process-related tools, connected sensors, and other devices in manufacturing and industrial environments. However, this definition can easily lead to technology thinking. Instead, the power of the Internet of Things applies to the app it applies to. These are innovative industrial applications of the Internet of Things that increase operational efficiency through automation, connectivity, and analytics. The benefits of IoT are fully realized through the successful deployment of these IoT applications in the right places in the organization.

What is vSmart DashBoard ( IIoT ) Platform ?

vSmart Dashboard provides real insights into product data, focusing on both people and performance to take advantage of shopfloor improvement opportunities. vSmart Dashboard is an IIoT platform, widely used as an industrial IoT platform, and acts as a cloud application manager for connected industrial production facilities. An important feature of vSmart Dashboard is that it is hardware and transport independent. It easily integrates with a variety of sensors, controllers, machines, and device gateways to easily support any infrastructure. Existing industry. to enable. With vSmart Dashboard installed, you can provision new devices, manage lifecycles, receive telematics data and sensors and store them in the cloud, execute remote commands, and update and analyze device data by running Over the Air (OTA). You can create rules for smart alerts.

Benefits of an vSmart Dashboard IIoT Platform -
  •  Dashboard Availability - Anyone and Anywhere.
  •  Configurable, Robust and Scalable solution.
  •  Visibility of production productivity, performance and availability of the machines in real time.
  •  Help Supervisor/Mgmt to deep dive into the specific problem and find quick solution.
  •  Help generate periodic reports for decision making.
  •  Step towards industrial automation to help improve processes, efficiency and Consultancy.
  •  Historical machine data analytics

Why do you need to create an vSmart Dashboard (IIoT)?

  • Connectivity to PLCs of different vendors and types (platform compatibility).
  • Realtime data from PLC representation on Dashboard.
  • Dashboard to showcase charts and trends for
  • Shopfloor for monitoring production count planned vs actual.
  • Cumulative dashboard for current and historical view of the productivity per machine.
  • Cycle time to reflect the rate at which jobs are produced (performance per machine).
  • Dashboard availability on TV, Desktop and Mobile devices .
  • Machine data integration to companies inhouse systems like ERP, etc.
  • Access control using authentication and authorization (access to data based on need to know basis).
  • Configuration Manager for setting up PLC connectivity, dashboard, access and operations control.

Features of vSmartDashboard

  •  Real-time monitoring of the engine
  • Use Universal Connections and Alternatives to connect to any device or device on the factory floor and collect machine data in real time. OEE and monitor vehicle auto status as well as emergency time
  •  Concept and analysis of data
  • Find hidden capabilities for machine and process operations, such as implementation speed and continuous time, based on IIoT data. Resolve and avoid traffic jams and obstructions in future vehicles.
  •  Keep acting
  • Improve your process and develop a workable strategy for communicating with your team through automated messages and notifications that are sent to the right people at the right time. This work is designed to achieve accountability and CI culture for individuals.
  •  Massive solutions
  • Introducing Smart Factory will make it easier to reduce the ROI of companies in different factories.
  •  Database integration
  • Easily connect to ERP, MES or other manufacturing systems for two-way information exchange.
  •  Dedicated staff
  • Blackboard TV keeps employees on track to accomplish individual production goals and tasks.


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