vDigiDocr invoice data extraction software solution is compatible with a wide range of finance department solutions for accounts payable, receivable, and remittance processing. By automating data input, approval routing, and payables transaction data entry, the invoice data capture system offers you control over A/P invoice processing. So, what exactly is our OCR software? With vDigiDocr software, you can use automated invoice processing to convert your AP invoice process into a strategic instrument for your financial operations, resulting in significant cost savings and improved cash flow.

What Is the Automation Process?



The system is set up to provide you with options for how to absorb the invoices. Directly via a scanner, mobile phone, portal, fax server, email, or, most often, a network-monitored folder. It is really simple to use monitored folders; simply scan or set the photographs straight in the folder and let the system handle the rest.


Following scanning, the system will prepare the picture to ensure that the OCR results are as accurate as possible. The device has pre-programmed algorithms for removing speckles, punching holes, auto-rotating, eliminating blank pages, enhancing difficult-to-read letters, and more. This is a vital step in the procedure that will considerably improve your capture outcomes. When the picture is complete, the OCR engine will scan and digitise the data, preparing it for the next stage of the process.

To provide the best experience we also provide 3 different modes for image processing:

Manual Mode: In this mode, documents are scanned using a user interface in which the user marks the boundaries of the data to be extracted from the document to be employed for high-accuracy ad hoc document processing.

Semi-Automatic Mode: In this mode, templates are pre-defined with the boundaries indicated for the list of data fields to be extracted from a given format document. Any document of that format will be auto-scanned using the same template through UI or batch process, and the extracted output will be shown on the UI or stored into a database or CSV file for further processing.

Automatic Mode: In this mode, documents are scanned through UI or batch process using machine and deep learning methods. It detects and retrieves data by automatically marking the boundaries of the data points of interest. It makes use of a model to automatically mark the boundaries. The model has been pre-trained with the required documents, so it can be applied to any new document of the same or similar format. The Deep Learning Model is trained under supervision and operates on any Cloud platform such as AWS or Google.

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vDigiDocr system organises digital documents, such as an AP invoice, in the same way, that you would arrange your files at home. The system will recognize the document type and automatically categorize all documents that enter the system.


This is the cutting edge of precision and automation. Data extraction is concerned with two critical functions:

  • Voting on characters with low or high confidence - warning and guiding the user to fields that may include inaccurate words or letters.
  • Business Rules — This may be as easy as ensuring that a field is always date and has the correct format, such as MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YY. Business rules can also incorporate a database lookup to compare collected data to data in your company's database.


The system will instantly export the picture to Searchable PDF, TIF, JPG, and the data to XML, CSV, JSON, and other formats. Customers can also develop customised data outputs based on their individual requirements.

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