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Reading a textbook for an hour or two every day isn't much of a pleasure. What if students could listen to the textbook while commuting, going on a stroll, or eating lunch? OCR technologies provide students with new opportunities to access interesting study materials while spending time productively by converting physical text into audio files. With vDigiDocr, teachers, researchers, and students can be significantly more productive and efficient. It assists in the digital transformation of research and classrooms by facilitating work with both paper and digital books, magazines, scientific publications, and other materials.

OCR can be used to scan, copy, and safeguard data or recorded information such as admission forms, course curricula, student records, institution records, legal papers, etc.

Educational Institute
  • Equip Teachers, Leactures, administrative staff and students with an all-in-one solution for working with documents
  • Streamline paper-heavy administrative processes
  • Convert documnets into PDF formates for convenient sharing with a large audience
  • Digitize paper documnets, secure and archive thhem in standard archiving formats such as PDF/A and PDF/LA.
Student with special needs
  • Provide students with special needs such as dyslexia or visual impairments wqual access to printed educational materials. Use exceptional quality OCR (Optical Character Recignition) to convert text books and study aterials to digitally accessible documents
  • Make study materials uniiversally accessible (using PDF/UA format) via text-to-speech, magnification software or other assistive technologies.
Teachers and Lectures
  • Create teaching materials and worksheet by using content from diffrent resource such as scanned textbooks or scientific articies-without manually retyping
  • Review student assignments:mark-up and give feedback digitally, using PDF docummnets instead of paper
  • Quickly find relevant information in educational materials scanned and converted into searchable PDF documents

To Assist Students in Overcoming Reading Difficulties

According to the International Dyslexia Association, around 7% of school-age kids have a learning impairment (LD), with at least 85 % of those difficulties being in reading or writing. The text-based structure of schooling can be a huge problem for many pupils.

Optical character recognition can benefit students by allowing them to listen to the content or do their assignments rather than read it. Similarly, it may generate a searchable digital document that allows students to instantly seek the definition of a term or bookmark different sections of the text. Overall, OCR solutions give pupils the capacity to overcome the hurdles posed by the text.

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why choose us

Make Educators' Jobs Easier

Managing a classroom is a lot of effort. There are lessons to plan, resources to provide, papers to grade - the list goes on and on. OCR, on the other hand, assists instructors by allowing them to develop materials more quickly and efficiently

. It is now possible to convert a single copy of a chapter or article into a digital copy that may be immediately distributed to students. Teachers can avoid retyping material by scanning, converting, and printing what they require. This frees up more time and energy to spend on improving the classroom experience for kids.

Make a breakthrough Notetaking

OCR technology is now capable of identifying handwritten text. The ability to read the handwritten text and convert it into digital input is what has made optical character recognition so valuable in workplaces that use both hardcopy and digital documents. It has a ready use in schools, assisting students in converting their notes into searchable, digital documents to boost their study.

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why choose us

Assist Visually Impaired Students

Unlike printed materials, digital text is changeable, which means it is not limited to a single font, color, or size. One of the most important areas where OCR solutions are being used in the classroom is with visually impaired pupils. By converting print text to digital text, teachers may produce reading materials with larger types and better colors to aid in readability for those who require it.


Convert and store research paper and reports in searchable digital formats in order to quickly find relevant information later

Collaborate on project by using comment and annotation tools echange feedback and monitor the status directly within a document

Reduce PDF file sizr and enhance visual quality of scans

Support your work process by bookmarking and highlighting important sections within documents and leave comments to support your thoughts process later

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Quickly and Accuratly Extract Data From any Document Type

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