OCR Data Capture Automation for Transportation & Logistics


OCR data capture automation is so strong that logistics companies have noticed a reduction in overall operating expenses of up to 28% after implementing OCR software. Others have used OCR software for document capture to reduce their data entry Full - time equivalent by 90%, as shown by a recent case study. Even more crucially, OCR users may improve customer connections by offering quicker and more dependable services than human data entry could ever manage. For automated data collection, OCR software almost eliminates all manual input while simultaneously reducing mistakes. OCR solutions provide a variety of advantages to any business that processes a lot of forms manually.

It speeds up data input by 2.5 times, saving employees up to 80% of regular data entry and manual document processing.

Compared to a manual procedure, reduce data collecting time andexpenses by up to 90%.

Almost completely eliminate expensive mistakes with a 99.9% accuracy rate.

Almost completely eliminate expensive mistakes with a 99.9% accuracyrate.


OCR data capture automation is so strong that logistics companies have noticed a reduction in overall operating expenses of up to 28% after implementing OCR software.

A Better Method for Container Identification in Freight Forwarding

OCR has the ability to significantly enhance the process of international shipping. OCR technology may be used by all parties, including producers, middlemen, and recipients of shipments, to precisely scan container numbers utilizing mobile devices. Shippers may avoid errors and the consequent interruptions by automating the lengthy number scanning procedure.

The serial number scanning solution from AI OCR provides strong functionality and error-free data collection even under challenging circumstances like dim illumination, strange angles, or damaged shipping labels. To help logistics workforces improve freight forwarding visibility, the technology may be used to scan container identification and seal numbers, vehicle registration plates, barcodes, and other serial numbers.

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Increase efficiency by automating the processing of transport orders.

Any logistics and transportation firm may greatly benefit from vlnnovate's AI-powered OCR. Just forward all incoming transportation orders to the AI OCR either via an API or just by forwarding the original email with an attachment. All papers are automatically processed, which entails the extraction of the necessary fields and their placement in a structured format, such as a spreadsheet. The next system, such as the route planning system, is then ready to import that information.

With prescription information gathered and saved in customer databases, pharmacy employees may rapidly access customer histories for greater service and consultation.

A better overview with identification of transport and bill of lading documents

The bill of lading, a list of the items, and an examination of the transshipment procedure are always included with cargo when it is shipped abroad. Companies may settle on a certain standard operating procedure, especially when they do business often. Working with barcodes or QR codes seems to be the most practical, and in some areas, firms use EDI. However, around 30% of the cargo is irregular, in which case the sender and the receiver have never collaborated before.

People are still in charge of processing the data in the relevant papers in these circumstances. Efficiency determines whether businesses succeed or fail in comparison to their rivals even when there is no time constraint. A cargo officer on the ground must still verify the recipient's identification and determine whether the transport is in accordance with the list of items. There are still a lot of manual operations that can be automated. An image of a list of items, for instance, might be used to automate the customs clearance procedure. Physical protection of the goods can be replaced by a scan of the Bill of Lading.

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