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Intelligent Automation for Resumes using OCR| Data extraction from resumes

Resume OCR & Data Capturing

Humans read text practically every minute of the day. Wouldn't it be amazing if our robots or systems could read the text in the same manner that we do? But the most pressing concern is, "How can we make our machines read?" This is where Optical Character Recognition (OCR) comes in.

Data Extraction From Resumes

It transforms resume data from an unstructured format to a structured version. It's an application that analyses and extracts resume/CV data and generates machine-readable output like XML or JSON. This helps in the automated storage and analysis of data.

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Information Extraction From Resume :

A picture is worth a thousand words. The three stages our OCR engine takes to automatically extract data from resumes are written below:


Upload Your Resume


Resume converted to Image


OCR converts Image to Text


Parse to machine-readable input like XML or JSON

The Benefits of OCR-Based Resume Parsing

  • A recruiter may define job requirements, and candidates who do not meet those criteria can be rapidly and automatically sorted out.
  • A large number of person-hours are saved, allowing the recruiter to better cater to potential applicants.
  • Candidates can be evaluated and matched for other appropriate opportunities.
  • The quality of candidates may be tracked over time by a corporation. It is possible to develop meaningful analytics on applicants.
  • If the next step is to take an online exam, the shortlisting and testing processes can be well linked.
  • The procedure of signing up for a job site becomes simple. Currently, upon registering for the profile, a candidate must fill out a form with all his information manually but with the use of OCR information can be automatically filled by parsing the resume.
  • Improves Speed by automatically converting resumes into digital searchable text.