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AI-Based Document Digitization in Healthcare


AI OCR can extract information from identity documents, such as ID cards, and medical records, to reduce the registering and categorizing time. Administrative staff only needs a few seconds to scan with OCR-integrated machines when receiving patient information at counters, then collect necessary information fields, saving as much time and effort as feasible for patients Administrative staff only needs a few seconds to scan with OCR- integrated machines when receiving patient information at counters, then collect necessary information fields, saving as much time and effort as feasible for patients.

Furthermore, with Intelligent OCR solutions that are easily incorporated into hospital information systems, all patient data is conveniently and swiftly stored right at the first medical check and can be accessed afterward. With this benefit, doctors can readily obtain information, and medical history of patients in an emergency, and hospitals may decrease administrative costs. As a result of the advancement of the internet and cell phones, patients may now readily find their medical information, helping in the search process.


Software for managing patient data

Printed documents can be digitally stored as searchable PDF files using OCR.
Medical reports, laboratory test results, and other relevant communications can subsequently be linked to the patient's electronic health record (EHRs) and accessed at any time using search keywords.

Streamlining invoice management

Invoicing is an essential component of running a healthcare company, just as it is in any business, and it is also an area where accuracy is critical. By automating substantial aspects of the billing process, OCR software driven by AI and Machine Learning can dramatically simplify the way you manage invoicing.

To Predict Abnormalities

AI-based OCR may also be used to anticipate problems from imaging reports such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans of a patient. As a result, the integration of Machine Learning, AI OCR, and Computer Vision will undoubtedly enhance medical organizations' efficiency, increase their ability to manage more patients, and save money.

Health insurance providers' solutions

Health insurance providers can extract information from medical documents, health insurance plans, or invoices for treatment and import it into other programs for further processing. Invoices and client correspondence can be saved digitally as searchable PDF documents and instantly found using search keywords.

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Pharmacist software

OCR can extract written information from medical prescriptions and import it into software and applications for pharmacies, where it can be checked against existing databases or stock systems and even used by direct picking robots.

With prescription information gathered and saved in customer databases, pharmacy employees may rapidly access customer histories for greater service and consultation.

Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS)

With the help of high-quality text recognition, all doctor’s letters from patients and agreements with health insurers can be digitized and electronically archived as PDF files.

Data from specific fields on medical documents and doctor’s letters can be extracted and forwarded to HIMS and other systems for integration into patients’ medical records. Patient surveys and reports can be easily and quickly processed for immediate use.

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Structured Reports

Patient's medical records might be thousands of pages long, making manual processing extremely complex. OCR can assist in the conversion of unstructured medical records of patients into organized documents in

hospital format. Furthermore, AI OCR can simply develop a summary sheet for convenient reference for doctors and insurance companies.

Organized document with indexing, sorting, searing and hyperlinking capabilities.

Quickly and Accuratly Extract Data From any Document Type

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